youve reached bryce c. lynch.

please leave a message after the tone.

name: bryce c. lynch.
nicknames: boy genius, brycey, bry, brian(?), rice(?).
age/age range:15-17.
gender: transgender boy. not man, boy. specifically boy.
orientation: aroace romance/sex repulsed with ONE exception, that being our partner system.
source, if fictive: max headroom (1987)
fun fact: created this entire website.
member id: bryce
fav. song:those who cant, cheat - clarence clarity
lyric from song: can i get a witness? oops, i forgot my sickness, oops, you forgot your lipstick luck again!
fav battlebots: icewave, overhaul, disco inferno, ultraviolent

"its quite simple, really."
"i only invent the bomb, i dont drop it."
"buut, not as good as i am. naturally."


hi, im bryce. resident boy genius, technology enjoyer.
stereotypical 80s sci-fi hacker boy, pseudo-computer scientist, network 23's very own research and development department.
i suppose i usually make our websites, and i keep track of information outside of pluralkit.
i'm around a lot. youll probably see me around. im bad at emotions and feelings, and i barely understand jokes, im sorry.
please ask me about my source! i love talking about it.


is this person in the control room?